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Default Any Familiar with this site - Fish in Crisis?

I can't believe I haven't Googled up this site previously. Lot's of great accumulated info on a number of fish species and most backed-up by scientific research/studies. I especially like their proposed explanation as to why cod stocks are in decline while haddock are rising.

I've never been prospecting, but I think I know what they felt like when I find these gold nuggets on the web. The web is great, the gold rush of the new millenia!

Jim I wanted as many people to be aware of this site as possible, so I put this thread in the lounge. Of course, you guys may already know about it and if so, why didn't you tell me? :)

Jim, I'm also wondering whether it would make sense to have a forum heading where we can deposit these nuggets with a brief discriptive explanation about the site???
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