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Originally Posted by mimstrtek2 View Post
Hey Guys. This is my first post as I just got approved on the site today. I'm hitting the river Saturday morning for my first ever river striper trip. I have a 20 foot grady white that I normally keep in Manahawkin but right now I have it in my driveway in Moorestown because it needed a ton of work this year. It sat for 3 years and everything in the motor gummed up. It took me 6 weekends to get it straight but were ready to roll now. I'm assuming the bass fishing on the river is similar to saltwater, at least that's how I plan to approach it. If anyone has any tips or hot spots, i'm all ears. I talked to the guys at Brinkmans and I think my best chances for fish are down near the airport/Tinicum/Schuylkill area. What VHF channel do you guys chatter on?
Unfortunately, I cannot help you. I did not make it to the Delaware this year. I hit the Hudson in last 1/3 of May and got 12 stripers 14 to 24 inches around the 20th. On the Hudson, it is essentially over. Last reports from the die hards were that the coloring of the fish was not distinct so they were definitely in the river for a period of time and headed back out to see. Since the migratory pattern of the fish in both rivers should be similar, I would suggest the further south in the Delaware you go, the better since they are likely headed out to sea and to NE for their summer vacation. Good luck. Glad to hear you have your boat back on H2O were it belongs.
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