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Originally Posted by 1129chuck View Post
Sure has been a slow year on the river. I haven't even gone out, sure I bought a truck camper and I have been spending my weekends at island beach state park, got a 36 inch bass there Sat night, but I miss the big d. It seems like no one is posting this year so I just figured the river is slow. I really want to get out if the fishing is good. I had my best year ever last year on the big d topped of with the all nighter that me and Mu fish did ending with that amazing 56 pound cow. Let's all get a weekend together that a couple of us want to head out and help each other. 3 or 4 boats working together could be a fun outing. Anyway, I will post a pic of Saturday's catch from the beach and anyone interested in tearing up the big d together, I am game. See y'all, Chuckles

Chuckles & Always the eels
Thank you both for posting. Love the beach but, if the river cooperated your chances are better since mother nature is bringing them up the river for the fisherman to smash them. Happy to see your efforts paid off on the beach. I like your idea of the 3 or 4 boat coop to find the fish. I will be interested next season but, little late this year. On the Hudson the diehards did go out together and it helped all. They had good catches working together. I am going to try Hudson one more time this week and probably call it done for this year.

I forgot to mention on my post to A the E, I went out once this year. Last Thursday. Launched in Newburgh and fished west side of the river for about a mile north and got 12 bass with my buddy. Nothing big, all in the 14 to 24 inch range but, lighter gear made it a blast. A the E, consider Kayak fishing the Hudson. I see postings from guys that do it, I think more north of Newburgh. Gas is cheap, bring a sleeping bag and make a weekend of it.

One last about those Rangers!!!!

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