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Default Re: 2015 Big D Fishing Reports (Post'em Here)

hi all!
I am new to the spring striper river fishing. I am closer to the Hudson than the Delaware River. The guys on the Hudson are lamenting that the season has been very slow. The avid fishermen are showing catch totals around 15% of what they caught in 2014. Some are throwing in the sponge a week or two early.

So, can anyone offer their comment on this year vs last year and if the striper run on the Delaware is still in progress and when it ends. Being a newbee, I would love some help on these questions and the following:

I am above route 80. Where is there a good ramp for launching which will put me near some stripers?

I see bunker mentioned as bait. No herring? - which seems to be the bait of choice in the Hudson north of Newburgh

I like to troll. any trollers out there who can offer suggestions on the lures to dangle, depth, speed and distance from ball

BTW - MU Fish there are A-holes everywhere. I love getting into a stream to fish for trout, serene and quiet and some guy comes along and plops (literally) 10 feet away and then says hello. Ruins the whole atmosphere. Guys like that are simply oblivious to any semblance of protocol and respect. Can you imagine J-offs like that on the road or in a supermarket?

Lastly, how about those RANGERS!!!!! (sorry Flyer fans - I am still PO'd from the last day of the 2010 season)

All the best for good fishing and namaste on the river, with or withour A-holes.

Tom P
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