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Default Re: 2015 Big D Fishing Reports (Post'em Here)

Over slept today got out late. Fished from 10:30am-7pm today was another eventful day. I get on my numbers and first cast I land 20" bass then another at (lol) 7" at best smallest bass I've ever caught bout an hour goes by with lots of action no hook ups. Then My brand new Penn Conquour and Shamino butterfly rod goes into the river. The bass was so big didn't even know it was hooked probablly. In one quick motion a bunker head and partial body attached was slurped up by a true monster. Drag wasn't set properly and the rod doubled over and as im reaching for rod the rod holder breaks flush and rod goes in I reached missed and cast without success. If you saw it how I saw it you knew it was truly a monster of a bass hit like a damn train with no breaks. I'm hoping by now the rod had lodged itself somewhere and the fish has stripped the reel of the line and is now swimming with 350yrds of braid attached to its lips. And there is a bounty out in that fish so anyone catches a beast of a bass with 350yrds of braid attached please contact me for a reward.
Not long after that like some kind of alarm went off up and down the River bost showed up where they never do and began anchoring up near me not to close until this one (either the dumbest a$$hole or the biggest jerk0ff in he world) proceeds to motor up in my chum line cross across my stern a mere 20 yards not say a word or acknowledge my presence and begins to drop ancor less then 15 yards to my port. Couldn't believe it. Then his ancor slips and he's literally 5 yards away from my lines at back of the boat. He turns looks at me and makes another cast. I couldn't believe this nutjob. So my rant began and I pulled rods and ancor after he sees me do that he does the same while im snappen. Finally I let loose on him and he tells me to go fuc myself.
So anyway all in all was a bad trip thought maybe karma of me helping those folks woulda came back this week but I'll have to wait on that. Water temps was 55.4 degrees steady dropped to 54.6 at top of tide. Going out tomorrow in the storm.
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