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Over the next couple weeks, as I wait for my boat to arrive (last weenend in July) , I'm going to be doing my homework and trying to get set up for a little trolling action. This will be my first boat and my first attempt at trolling. So not only will I be entering unfamiliar waters for the first time, I'll also be working with an unfamiliar set up.

I was thinking of picking up a few tubes and an umbrella rig or two if I can scrounge up the funds somehow. I only have one conventional reel, and am hesitant to fill it with leadcore, as I'm sure that I'll want to use it for other things as well. So I'll probably leave the braid on it and drop a weight in front of the leader to get the depth I need,, and see if I can get it to work like that. I have 30# Power Pro on my conventional reel right now, can that handle an umbrella rig if trolled slowly?

I've read everything that I can find on here about trolling tubes and umbrella rigs, so I feel pretty prepared,, except for knowing where to go. I know where I can feel pretty confident about results with eels at night, but during the day I'm going to be trying my hand at both finding some live bait and trolling. Can anyone familiar with this area point me in the right direction?

The guy that's bringing my boat up is going to be out with me all weekend weather permitting (expecting to catch fish of course, lol) but I'm sure we'll spend most of our daytime hours focused on scouting out the area and trolling around. I need to find a detailed chart of the area too,, I think that would keep us from wasting too much time. Does anyone know of nautical charts that I can look at online?

Maybe Cuzn Eddy and Briggs could give me a couple pointers on where to start?? If the weather is nice I think I'd be pretty comfortable in the bays around here, but the boat's only a 16'er, so I have to keep that in mind.

In the meantime, I need to get back out and do a little chunking in the early morning hours before work. Haven't gotten a line wet in a week and I'm already showing serious signs of withdrawl, lol. :coffee:
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