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No, you are right...
Shoulda waited to post a link!

I, in the past, ran a site (forum) that had over 10,000 members and I was in the same shoes as you, I definately should have known better.
It's a lot of work to run a big site and you don't need some yahoo coming and trying to scoop up all your members... especially with their first post... LOL!!!
My bad! :doh:

I am currently a member on at least 5 or 6 fishing and boating forums and each one has it's own qualities... that's why I belong to each.

I decided to put one together for local action as none of the others were really, totally, regional... mostly on the same idea as this one... many different regions, all seperated into their own parts of the one big site.

Anyway, all that aside... thanks for the welcomes!

Not too sure how much I can bring to here, but will do my best ;)
Just getting back into this after a looooooooooong 10 year hiatis

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