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are you using the glue that is made for glueing the cork handles, or the flex coat color preserver or the flex coat epoxy.... the epoxy is fine if mixed properly, it's just not cost effective....

Stickey finish usualy means impropper mixing or incorrect hardener to resin ratios... cloudy finish usualy means trapped air bubbles.... as I've posted many times, i use Envirotex lite bar top epoxy... if you mix it well, and in exact proportions , it is almost fool proof.... I used to go through lot of trouble with torches and heat etc. worrying about bubbles... if a thin coat is applied evenly the epoxy will gass out itself.. I appy a thick coat starting at the head and work my way around the plug as the plug spins, I keep working the lead edge of the epoxy along the plug as I go, this helps keep voids to a minimumonce the entire plug is covered, i strat again at the head and "drag" the brush along the length of the plug removing excess epoxy... I also find mixing small batches ( enough for six 8" plugs) to give me the best pot life before the epoxy becomes un workable.. this amount is 3 teaspoons of resin to 3 tea spoons of hardener mixed until the majority of the bubbles disappear, be sure to scrape the sides of the container and fold the mixture into itself,.... i've also found that adding a "scratch" coat, in my case clear lacquer helps when applying the finish...
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