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Default Re: New boat purchase ??s

Saltwater might not be that bad. If the boat is towed to the bay and flushed when done if it's an outboard, then your fine. Bottom painted is not a bad thing. It can be a good thing, it shows the owner took care of the boat.

If it was taken care of, it doesn't matter where it was. Clean floors, looks like it was washed couple times a year.

Bayliners are lower on my list of a boat. They did take some shortcuts. But, if the baot was cared for, it probably doesn't matter.

I highly prefer 4 stroke engines. With an older boat, thats an I/O. Uusually has a passenger car derived engine in there. I highly prefer them over 2 stroke outboards. 2 strokes use atleast 30-40% more fuel. A bit bigger 110hp 4 stroke will use as much as as a smaller 50hp outboard. Modern 4 stroke outboards are the exception to that rule, but it will cost you.

I would prefer an aluminum boat over a fiberglass one. However, modenr fiberglass without wood used for structure can be a good choice. Repair soft floors on a fiberglass boat can be a good bit more work than aluminum one.

A good canopy with side windows can be just as good as a specific fishing boat.

With big boats come big bills. If your fishing a handful of times in the hudson, a 16ft deep v with a 20 inch transon and a 20+hp engine wil make you a happy camper. Add a good canopy to it. Bowriders or cabin cuddies are nice.

How many people do you fish with. I am thinking of upgrading to a bigger cabin cuddy, so I can have my wife and daughter sleep down below while I fish long after they're bored of fishing for the day.
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