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Default New boat purchase ??s

Im in the market to buy a used boat and would like some advice on things to look for and more importantly what to stay away from. Im looking to buy a boat around 20-23ft and have been leaning toward a cudy cabin in striper, mako, bayliner trophy, grady white,stingray crownline. Does anyone have any opinions on these brands?

Will an outboard engine be easier and less expensive to maintain than I/O and inboad engines?

I am trying to stay away from boats with a painted bottom and that have been used mostly in salt water! Should I stay away from boats with a painted bottom?

What are some of the questions I should be asking the sellers?

Does anyone have a good mechanic that I could pay to check out the boat before I buy it? I live in Wappingers falls but am looking in a 100 mile radius so it may be tricky finding a mechanic in the same location as the boat for sale.

Thanks in advance for any information.
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