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Default Re: Suggestions on airbrushed plug topcoat?

Welcome Bigwoodlures...first.... dipping in shelac is not the best method for sealing..... shelac lacks the ability to penetrate the wood....oils such as tung or linseed oil penentrate the wood... urethains also are efficieant sealers when cut with mineral spirits....your biggest concern is to seal end grain and the insode of the plug.. as the outside is protected with primner, pain and top coat..

alot of builders do well with devcon.. I've never used it... with epoxy, thin flexable coats are better than thick ones... Personaly, I use Envirotex lite, aplied in a single thin coat...wood expands and contract, so the top coat must be flexable...your problem , as I understand it, is not an adhesion problem, but a durability problem.. try a single thinner coat of devcon before scrapping it all together... if that does not work, try the enviritex... no matter what you cover your plugs with, they will still take a beating on rocks, but, any epoxy will out last paint that is standing alone...
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