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Default Re: What are your favorite Plug / Lure colors

Fish can be very color selective at times.. but it is not the norm.... most times, it's a matter of what they can see...above all, the plug or lure must look like something that is either alive or dieing... in either case it must present itself in a manner that either triggers a feeding response or stirs the critter into a green eyed rage...the action of the plug is first and formost..
Under most circumsrances, blues, whites and blacks are all you need... there are times when reds will catch when nothing else seems to work... yellow or parrot are a favored color for darters and seem to be the most productive for this lure... I remember one morning 30 years ago when a pink goo -goo eye was the only plug color they would hit.. the same plug in any other color was ignored... unfortunatly i had no pink plugs that morning... I havent had that experience since..... last year, during a week in july, the only color that scored consistantly was a mackerel pattern.. most other colors of the same lure were ignored, or at least outfished 10-1... for the most part.. colors .. fancy scales and beautifull paint is resposible for more fisherman getting caught than fish...
For most Most custom builders, realistic paint jobs,and fancy paint is just a show of craftsmanship and pride..the fish don't really care..
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