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Default Re: Coating with e-tex

Originally Posted by kones View Post
has any of you builders tried diamond clear coat instead of e tex ? or perhaps another automotive type clear coat ? all i ever hear about is e tex & im curious as to why as there are several other brands & cure types.the diamond coat is very humidity sensitive,bubbles form if too moist & i need to apply 3 super thin coats but it is strong & did not yellow after 1 season.i want to try e tex after i use this up.btw my first plug that caught bass cost me about $1600 ! holy im tweaking my process & just trying to build the best i can.

I've tried several things ( as I may have posted before) never diamond coat...I make my prototypes coated in just plain lacquer... after just a few hours of fishing they develop severe hook rash.. they remind me of how good i've got it now with e-tex.... I've got plugs I coated with e-tex several years and 100'ds of fish latter that barely show any wear... I've got the e-tex process refined so it is flawless with no snags.. it endures well and is cost effective for me... I really have no reson to change...
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