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conrad may have made that plug himself but i'd say it's a pichney conrad.. although i don't know if he made it with all that glitter and your dad may have added it. (but i'm not an expert on vintage pluggage so it could very well have been made that way as per the paint job) the dual belly hooks i'm unsure of. may have used them as it was an eel skin plug as there was no tail hook and is a deep diver. must've tuned that plug like that and if so? i'd like to swim it myself to check it out. that imo is a herring color cuz that's the color of an inside out eelskin but again, i'm not the man to ask definitively. Donny Musso made plugs with eyes like that mark so it's up to a real plugologist to give us the history of this really nice find man..don't fish it dude. if it was your dads then save it and cherish it.

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