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Default Saltiga Surf or Mojo Surf

I am looking at buying a new surf rod for bank fishing for stripers/wipers and big catfish here in Kansas. Also some tailraces/river fishing. I hate using flimsy glass surf rods like Ugly Sticks and the like. I want to get a lightweight, sensitive surf rod that I can cast a mile to get my bait out there a ways. These are the two rods that have caught my eye the most, without spending 400+ for a Legend or an IMX. I was curious if anyone had any experience with these rods and what some of the pros and cons might be. I've always liked St Croix rods and feel like they're well built. I can, however, get the Saltiga of the same length for about 30-40 bucks cheaper, which would help pay for a spool of braided line to throw on my new reel; so that's a plus.

Living in the midwest, nobody carries these rods so I can't feel them for myself. I can't find any weight specs on the Saltiga, but the Mojo seems pretty light for a 10'6" rod at just 12oz. Just trying to get some feedback on either rod. If neither rod is worth it I may ultimately give up on the surf rod idea and buy a nice new loomis for my 250DC, since americanlegacy has some display rods for cheap. I could just use that since it can cast a mile. Just hate to bank fish with such a pretty reel.

Any help would be appreciated. Whichever way I go I was thinking a 10'6" or 11' rod paired with a Stradic 8000; unless I go the other route with the DC.
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