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Default Re: Econonomy of High Priced Plugs

The plugs today do everything even talk? I am from the old days. I remember when Bob Pond would give out plugs at The Tri State Touraments. Blue and White Striper Swipers. Plain and simple. Plastic. 1 1/4 oz. I liked to have a penny for every fish that plug caught. The old timers at Red Top and The Fishermans Friend, would go to the package Store and get a six pack of beer. They give out small church keys in those days and they would take them and put hooks on them. They caught fish with them. Today they sell those little shads podtails, very cheap. They catch a lot of fish. Years back we would fish the Airport,(Logan) there were some warm water pipes. When the tide was outgoing the pipes would have whitewash water under them. 5 to 6 feet of wash. The Atoms Popper would just hit the water and you would have a fish on. I would say to my friend Nick how do they even see it. Bottom line, I catch a lot of fish with plugs under 5 bucks. And when nothing is working I go back to the Atoms Popper.
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