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Default Re: Do you guys activley work to get in shape for the surfcasting season.

STRETCH.. The most important thing to do before you go out is make sure you stretch. leg lunges at least. at night and in am. a couple of easy ones are done with a strap or robe belt. while lying down,, loop the strap around your foot and while keeping leg locked... lift till it's tight and hold it for 20 second (5 reps) each leg. then turn on stomach and loop strap around foot and from behing your back take the strap and pull it forward above your head to pull bent leg up toward your head as far as it is possible to feel the tension and hold for 20 seconds (5 reps) each leg. these will at least work your quads/hamstrings/ankles/knees/and hip. eat sweet potato and banannas and a potassium supplement and drink plenty of water even if your not thirsty. waking up with a cramp in your leg is a beeotch in the middle of the night "how many of you have had that happen?" these are telltale signs of not having stretched/nutrition/etc. pineapple is great for connective tissue and an aspirin at night won't hurt. be safe out there and enjoy the coming season..... oh? you lift weights? well,,,,, if you can't benchpress my #*$+ i'm not impressed..... oh, in an article in THE FISHERMAN magazine some time last year Doc Muller did an article on this so no it's not original but nothing new. i read that and it resonated in my mind as a physical therapist had told me what i was in need of doing while laid up three years ago. my job was the cause of my back injury and i have to take care of myself if i want to stay safe and out of harms way. good luck this spring and when you get a cramp in your leg at night after fishing all day//// curse me as you will have remembered after the fact you loser...

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