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Default Re: will recent fish kill affect our fishing?

Im all for gamefish status if it did two things. 1 - Didnt kill the comm industry and 2. guaranteed
that the feds wouldnt push the rest of us around by closing fishing areas ( MPA's ) with the enviro BS agenda.
You have to look at a few other factors here, politics and economics being major.
Lubechanko - NOAA - the Department of Commerce - Obama - the recent catch share defeat in congress.
The enviro movement is ridiculously real.
If we could somehow retool the commercial fleets or buy them out - Im on board.
A good start would be to take the trawls out of the fishery, and the nets out of the nurseries.
Mismanagement is our enemy not the fishemen. And it starts right at that Freekin White house on Pennsylvania Avenue.
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