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Originally Posted by type r teggy View Post
will recent fish kill affect our fishing?

The "Poaching" of Striped Bass in illegal gill nets has now spread to North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia. This "winter kill" will no doubt have a severe negative effect on the striper populous.

This website is chock full of articles about the recent slaughter of stripers via the Trawler Boats.... and the "Poachers" .....

Do your homework and research this website....

The winter harvest via Trawler Boats was just "RE-OPENED"...... in N. Carolina and Maryland, despite public outcry over what has happened.

*** Lets be honest here... The striped bass harvest in the upper Hudson has dwindled in the past 8-10 years, and it get's worse every year. Don't you ever wonder "WHY"....?

Unfortunately, the slaughter which was witnessed and made public this year has been taking place for "YEARS"....... Just talk to anyone who works in the fishing industry..... And, the "POACHING" is now simply "OUT OF CONTROL"......... With economic factors as they are, combined with a 9-10% unemployment record in this country now, people will try to make money any way they can....regardless of the risks.

The Penalty for poaching with illegal nets is a joke. The Poachers harvest thousands and thousands of pounds of illegal stripers, make a fortune in distribution throughout the eastern seaboard, and are fined a maximum of only (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS)... $1,000.00

The Poachers "could" be fined for each fish..... but they never are. Killing fish in nets is not looked upon like as a serious crime....

Hey, I'll pay the $1,000 fine if I can make $50,000 in distribution. DAH... is anybody listening........?


Sad story..... but I personally anticipate yet another dreadful year on the Hudson in pursuit of stripers.

Naturally, the Tack Shops and Charter Boat Captains will "NEVER" concurr with this statement.... that would be tantamount to suicide on behalf of their business..... but that's the real deal......

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