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Default Re: Coating with e-tex

Originally Posted by jmdregs View Post
I'm a relative newby and recently used epoxies for the first time to top coat plugs. Two weeks ago I tried LocTite (Home Depot) 5 minute epoxy but the results were unsatisfactory due to the material clumping on many of the plugs giving them a somewhat lumpy texture. Last week I bough E-tex to try out and the results were great - perfectly smooth coating. I didn't use a torch, but opted for a heat gun which helped set up the epoxy with only minimum (5 mins or so) turning by hand.

this is a good lesson for you... five minute epoxy is too fast setting, aside from that, it tends to yellow.... stick with epoxies with a minimum of an hours dry time... but remember this.. the longer the cure.. the more durable the product..
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