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Default Question deep freshwater lake / new 2 site

I'm new to the site and this is my first post. It seems like a great site and I'm happy that I ran across it.

I have a question some of you may can help me with. I've been fishing Lewis Smith Lake in North Central Alabama pretty hard for the past couple of months. Its a deep clear lake with depth of 250 feet. Up until a few weeks ago I was showing allot of fish on the finder. We normally locate them and use shad to down line and free line for them. Recently it seems I just can't seem to find the fish. I've still be catching some but I've just had to got to area's I know they normally go and fish. They sometimes I'll get into them pretty good and other times its just one here are there. The water temp has recently went from 68 when it was best to 78. Since I haven't been able to find many fish on the finder at my normal spots I've did allot of searching for new area's lately and haven't had any luck finding them. Today I hit many differnt spots along a 20 mile stretch of the lake and found tons of bait fish but no striper. My question is where could they be and why are they not showing up around the bait? Maybe I just need to keep fishing where I find the bait and wait on them to come. I just got use to actually being able to locate them first the fishing so if I'm not seeing any fish I loose my confidence. I've still been very luck to get on them but its just like I catch them coming through. Just curious if there is any particular thing I should be looking for as the water warms.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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