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Default Re: What's Your Favorite Striper Recipe

Filet striper remove all bones and skin. 1) Dice fine four large cloves of garlic and about an ounce of fresh ginger. 2) melt about two-three ounces of butter (not some fake butter) in large frying pan, add garlic and ginger. 3) cover fillets on both sides with flour gently shake off excess. 4) when garlic and ginger starts to brown over med. heat add fillets. 5) chop four green onions (scalions). 6) season fillets with salt and fresh ground pepper as fillets are browning on one side, flip gently and add green onions. Brown other side. 7) Serve on warm platter drizzeled with contents of frying pan and Kikoman soya sauce. Bon appetit!!!
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