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Originally Posted by PhillyD View Post
To me 100 is WAY to many! how much bait do you need to go fishing for a day! just wake up a little early, catch your bait go fishin! that is what i always do and it is much better! (fresh, and alive) also, 1 other think i would like to say, "why change law so soon to the season"? Who is going to know this new law if you haven't talk to DEC or read it somewere? Also, I really don't understand this new law about you can't transport herring in a "motorized vehicle" look up the word "motorized vehicle" anything with a motor gas or electric! What are we gunna do? Go striper fishing in a canoe? all striper boats have motors on them! also it say's "in" well quess what i gunna strap bucket on top of roof!!!
I can have upwards of eight people counting myself fishing at one time. Some of us use two rods each so going through 100 herring in a 10-12 hour day is conceivable. I personally only keep about three dozen on hand. I took a 30 gallon Rubbermaid trashcan and added a fitting on the bottom to which I connect a long length of 3/4" clear hose. Attached to the end of the hose is a 900gph bilge pump which I keep running constantly pumping in fresh river water. At the top of the can is another fitting with a shorter length of hose to let water drain out. When I need more bait, I simply take one out of the livewell, use it as a stoolie and scap up some more. Any leftovers at the end of the day are released and thanks to the efficiency of the livewell, I never lose any. As for the transporting law, if you read it closely, it allows you to keep them on the boat indefinately. Finally, I feel DEC does mid season rule changes so that they can issue more tickets. As we all know, ignorance of a law is no legal excuse and if we tell them we didn't know, they'll just say we're suppossed to check all rules and regs before we go out.
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