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Default Regarding the Saltwater License !!

I posted in the previous post regarding the possible new salt license that every one should be aware where all the money goes that is collected for fishing etc..I mentioned how they introduced a striper additional stamp just for bass, that would help reprocduce more bass & help the delta for reproduction etc..Everyone thought this would be a great idea, as our fishery was being depleted each year..Turns out, this monies was being spent elsewhere & not for bass..When fishermen complained loudly .the following year it was cancelled..The next year a Bay Enhancement stamp was introduced..This ment anyone fishing either the bay or rivers flowing into it needed this stamp...Tis would supposed to help replenish the bass & sturgeon...Now years later ,this week , a audit shows that this funds were spent on payroll & nothing spent on fishery..Apparantly still 7-8 million still in tyhe funds..Someone posted when I told the original story on the bass stamp , that this was impossible forthem to do...WELL THEY DID IT AGAIN...I agree with Gunny , that If money is spent correctly that your fishery can improve & facilities such as ramps will definetly help also...Just keep a eye on the foxes in the hen house..Jim
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