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Default Stripers Forever NY -

Stripers Forever NY - SF is working with the Fisherman's Conservation Association of NY (FCA) to make the striped bass a game fish in New York waters. Last winter we jointly released the NY Southwick Study showing the social and economic value of striped bass fishing in NY State. The following press release describes the FCA's recently held Manhattan Cup event, the proceeds of which will help fund their conservation efforts in NY.
Fishermen’s Conservation Association 9th Annual Manhattan Cup Hosted in New York City

On Friday, May 18, 2007, the Fishermen’s Conservation Association (FCA) hosted the 9th Annual Manhattan Cup “catch and release" charity fishing tournament in New York City. Despite choppy conditions caused by winds that gusted to 25 knots, all but a few of the 52 expected guides set forth from Chelsea Piers, taking 150 anglers on an exciting quest for striped bass, bluefish and weakfish—all within mere miles of the famed Manhattan skyline.

Manhattan Cup founder and co-chair David Fallon said that when Cup participants started catching fish in local waters – including a large number of striped bass literally in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty—the event realized its mission: raising awareness of a thriving local fishery that is both largely unknown and in need of protection. “The purpose of the Manhattan Cup is to connect people to the local fishery environment in a profound, lasting and fun way,” said Fallon. “When folks experience the New York Harbor in this way—whether as fishermen, volunteers or just by watching the event—the reactions range from amazement to awe, and as a result, we wind up with more people caring about this incredible resource.”

The FCA Manhattan Cup’s professional fishing guides provided their boats and expertise to individual teams competing for the largest striped bass, bluefish and weakfish among three categories (fly, artificial and bait). Like the tournament itself, the number and size of the captains’ fleet has grown over the years. In the late 90s, the event may have had a couple of dozen boats, with one or two topping out at 25 feet. This year, boats ranged from 20-38 feet and many capable of speeds of 60 miles per hour. And the event itself is now the largest one-day in-shore tournament in the Northeast.

The excitement began at 1:00 pm when DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis sounded the starting horn while a helicopter film crew captured the Bimini start which turned the dark Hudson River white with propeller wash as 52 high performance fishing machines screamed down river. Boats returned by 7:30 pm for the awards ceremony which was held at the Chelsea Brewing Company. The ceremony was highlighted again this year when fellow participant and music legend Clarence Clemons joined the band with his saxophone for several songs. Baseball’s Hall of Fame Wade Boggs was also on hand and took top honors in the celebrity category. The Manhattan Cup Trophy for largest striped bass overall went to participant Doug Logan and Captain Fletcher Chayes with an impressive 36.34 pounder that was caught and released in the lower New York Harbor. Other awards that were given out went to the following:
Largest Striped Bass Caught & Released – Bait Division – Sponsored By Redington
Ow Levey & Captain Steve Pagidas – 32.96 lbs

Largest Blue Fish Caught & Released – Bait Division – Sponsored By Redington
Shawn Gallagher & Captain Rich Swisstack – 17.59 lbs

Largest Bluefish Caught & Released – Artificial Division – Sponsored By Berkley
Michael Caruso & Captain Anthony Grassi – 7.84 lbs

Largest Striped Bass Caught & Released – Fly Division – Sponsored By Sage
Alan James Robinson & Captain Vince Matsui – 10.84 lbs

Largest Bluefish Caught & Released – Fly Division – Sponsored By Sage
Graham Uffelman & Captain Bryan Goulart – 7.59 lbs

High Hook Award - Most Striped Bass Caught & Released by an Angler
Alan James Robinson – 12 Striped Bass – Sponsored By Urban Angler

Most Striped Bass Caught & Released by a Captain
Captain Vince Matsui 12 – Average Number of Bass – Sponsored By Urban Angler

Private Boat Division – Largest Striped Bass Caught & Released – Sponsored By Vineyard Vine
James Giacalone & Captain Mick Kalishman – 17.35 lbs

Private Boat Division – Largest Bluefish Caught & Released – Sponsored By Vineyard Vine
Andrew Madoff - 6.13 lbs

Smallest Striped Bass Caught & Released – Sponsored By Habana Joe
John Colgate – 1.20 lbs

Ocean Beach Marine Conservation Award -
Brad Burns –
Founder and Inspirational Leader of Stripers Forever

Proceeds from the event will help the FCA in its efforts to protect local fisheries, ensure access to waterways and promote a sustainable habitat for important game species. Captain Frank Crescitelli, co-chair of the Manhattan Cup and chairman of the FCA, said that a particular focus for the group is seeking game fish status for striped bass in New York State. “The Striped Bass is the most valuable inshore saltwater species we have in NY State, because of both its economic value and anglers accessibility to the fish. Whether from a jetty, beach or boat, anglers have equal opportunity to engage this majestic fish. We are confident that this will be the year that New York joins Connecticut and New Jersey in designating the striped bass as game fish.”

A portion of the event proceeds will also be allocated to “Hooked-For-A-Lifetime,” the FCA’s special program geared toward at-risk inner-city children. Hooked-For-A-Lifetime donates fishing rods and tackle boxes to children and, more importantly, provides them the opportunity to fish—and to learn and grow through that experience, and creates future stewards of the resource.
More Information can be found at
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