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Default Re: dumb questions about fishing in gardiners bay

Originally Posted by zimno1 View Post
don't go there with bait... someone will wring your neck...
get some 1oz 11/2 oz bucktails and a few choice plugs and watch the guys catching fish there do it. you will be a hinderence and not welcome. but since i'm not gonna be there...... 15 or 20lb test line..use bunker chunks and clam.. on a "hi lo rig" bought at the bait shop. 2hrs before incoming and 4hrs after outgoing tide 3 or 4oz weight will hold bottom. bluefish/striped bass/weakfish/fluke/ make sure to tell anyone cursing you zim sent you and if a guy named blasko curses at you then punch him in the face.....
Good morning Zim!

Joel, sift through the sarcasm and pull out the nuggets that Zim dropped for you .
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