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Just read every word in this thread. Now Canada is in the war over there. We have soldiers dying for what they "now" believe in, the quote: the news tells the stories of death and destruction and both troops and civilians are dying. I say get the politicians involved ( YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE BUSY ARGUING IN PARLIMENT ABOUT PERSONAL EXPENSES BEING INCREASED), let them tell "us" what realy happens on a day to day basis. Yes the troops are dying for a casue that they and only they truly believe in, why because they are "In the line of fire". I see on the news, and not often enough how we are trying to get the infrastructure back into a war torn country, build schools and medical centres, bring some the badly and "sadly wounded children to Canada to try to help them with medical aid and surgery. I have heard people say why do they spend the money to help these people, its costing the tax payer in Canada, arent we lucky it only costs us "$$$$$" and not our lives. Lets give our troops the support, lets give the U.S. marines our support, lets give all the coilition troops our support. My personal thought, my father who still alive fought in world war 2, all five years of it, he will not talk about it and I mean not one word, he is well decorated and all his medals are there for the seeing if you ask him. Now, if in the 2nd world war they would have pulled out before the job was done we can all imagine what the world would be like now.The war was to free someone, just like the middle east war. My friends son has just left for the Afgan war, he used to work for me so we are attached emotionaly, I hope the big guy takes care of him and all the rest of the men and women serving.

I dont know maybe I went on to long, this thread should keep going and maybe mention more of the good things happening over there, or maybe it should be left alone, the reader can decide.

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