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As I scrolled through this thread, with a heavy heart that fills with pride in the courage of our HEROES, tears flowed freely down my face. Too many Americans today do not understand the sacrifice to self that comes with the title of United States soldier. It is a sacrifice that has been given freely, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is a sacrifice that has been made for all peoples, not just American. It is a sacrifice given in the name of this great country, our United States of America, so that we, and many, many others do not have to live under tyranny, and oppression.
It is a sacrifice that is given in the name of FREEDOM.
The high. As I looked at the picture of the young child leaning on the monument bearing her father's name, I wondered if the price wasn't at times to high. In my heart, I know the answer. It's in the eyes of the Marine, who salutes, ramrod straight while wheelchair bound.
It's the same look my grandfather had, who came to America because of the violence and oppression in Ireland, in 1927. When asked his nationality, He would STAND UP, and with pride that was heartfelt, loudly proclaim "I'm an AMERICAN !"
Honor our fallen Heroes. They deserve it. Shake hands with a VET today. Tell him, or her, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE! They deserve it.
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