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We have a local radio station that is based in NH. Their weekly night time show duo always says how much the war cost so far, how many people died and how much money could be given to each american if we didn't fund the war with the money. Now I know this particular radio show has a beef with Bush and that is the way they let people know. Not once have I heard them say Support the Troops, they don't talk about how many people the troops fed today, or kept safe...alive. We don't get those statistics oh no... We get the death toll. WTF is that? F**k the media because they will f**k you. I watch the news purely for entertainment, not to learn what's happening. Anyone who has ever been interviewed or involved in a media story knows how much things get twisted from the time of the interview to 11 o'clock. I don't know Gunny at all, but I suspect he is the type of person you go to with questions about what our troops are doing and why. Why are we in Iraq? Ask Gunny, ask Brian, ask a soldier... Not FOX News. I pray you all know to drive with your lights on in rememberance during this Memorial Day.
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