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Brian, You understand, and feel the term, the motto, the way of life, of a Marine, "Semper Fidelis" isn't a couple of words used to recruit new guy's. It's how we face each day, in or out of the Corps. It's how we treat the people around us and deal with the world. I am happy to see that the bulb burns bright and strong in you in such a short time. A lot of young Marines don't get it until they near the end of their first enlistment, and in some cases until they are back out on the streets and see the change in themselves.
The media was a pain in my ass for my entire career. I hated reporters and loathed the people in charge that slanted everything that made the paper or appeared on the nightly news. Many times I would watch a story that I was actually involved in and want to throw a brick at my TV because what was reported was a work of fiction.
I now have 5 Iraq vets of your generation that call me, kids that I was involved with from a young age. They are veterans of all 4 branches of our military services. Some have seen combat more than once, and All have been involved with the rebuilding. All would go back again and again, not to kill, but to help better the lives of the people that welcomed them and continue to welcome them.
The reason you do not see any more news coverage of the War Zones? It's all going to plan, People are safer, rebuilding continues, and democracy is beginning to take hold. The Iraqies will soon enough stand on their own and the world will be a better place.
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