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Default Re: Heroes, and Warriors...................

I love serving......I just hate how people want to get the troops out of Iraq saying that they shouldn't be there and all this other garbage. First off, the media has such a big influence on people that it makes me sick.....I've heard thousands of stories on the TV about how US troops are dying and innocent Iraqi civilians are being killed. I very rarely hear about the good things that happen, like how US troops build schools and provide food and electricity to the Iraqi people. The media doesn't like the war.....knowing that they have an influence on the public they broadcast bad things about the war which is totally unfair. I wish for one evening I could have 100 Marines who've served in Iraq go on national TV and for one hour tell the real stories about what happens over there.

The other thing is that 100% of the troops over in Iraq want to be there...there's something that they are doing that the media just doesn't see. Even the troops who claim that they don't want to be there and are against the war, deep down they know they want to be over there. Why? Because if they leave they are letting down their fellow Marines, soldiers, airman etc.
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