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Default Re: help with newbie questions plz =)

Don't use Powerpro from the beach? did i hear that right? hahaha just busting. I hate to say it but.....I ALWAYS use Powerpro from the sand man. I had 30lb Powerpro wrapped around my reel when i landed the 50. I added distance, strength, and sensativity to my shore fishing. When i'm in heavy surf or rocky conditions, i change over to 50lb test and just flip the rocks over that i get caught on. as long as you use braid the right way...its nothing but an advantage. This is just MY opinion....i'm one fisherman.....everyone has their own way thats for sure....we usually catch the fish no matter what method. I found something that works for aint broke and i aint fixin it lmao.

so anyway....dont count braid out just yet

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