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Default help with newbie questions plz =)

hello! this is my first season surf fishing and i'm loving it!

i'd appreciate if you guys could help me out with my newb questions. tried searching already with limited results...

i'm currently using 25# mono which is tied to a barrel swivel then to my rig made out of either 30#-40# mono (i tie my own rigs). i'm thinking of switching to powerpro 65#. i have a big reel so about >300 yds can spool onto it. i'm using a shimano thunnus 12000 and a 9ft or 10ft rod depending on which car we're taking.

1) if i do switch to the powerpro, what # mono should i use for my shock leader? (i normally toss from 2-5oz of lead with a hi-lo rig using bunker chunks and clams. am going to try the fish finder this wknd).

2) what length should the shock leader be?

3) do i tie my rig onto the shock leader or should i make the rig directly on the shock leader?

4) IF i have to TIE my rig to the shock leader, is it ok if its fluorocarbon?

5) is the appropriate way to tie a fish finder to put the sinker slide between two barrel swivels or just let it slide between the main line or shock leader and barrel swivel for the rig?

thanks in advance!
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