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Santee Cooper

LAKE MARION: Striped Bass: Good. Schooling started. Fairly well with live bait in riverbed off dam or drifting along the dam with shiners or blueback herring. Crappie: Good, using small and medium minnows over deep brush piles, bridge pilings and piers. Best fishing in the morning and evening. Catfish: Good, once wind slows. Use cut shad, herring and live shiners off bottom in drifting deep water and at night in shallow water. Flatheads good with live bream or perch straight down on structures.

LAKE MOULTRIE: Crappie: Good, try using crickets and small to medium minnows around fish attraction areas and brush piles. Some crappie being caught on the bed with minnows and jigs. Catfish: Good, 9 to 15 feet deep using cut herring, stink bait, chicken livers and shiners 9 to 20 feet deep near the bottom dike edges and around the dam. Bream: Good, try using crickets and redworms, nightcrawlers around fish attraction areas and banks.
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