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Originally Posted by always the eels View Post
HA, nah man its the fact that you're a rangers fan.

But either way, the reason you can't use herring in the delaware (unless its frozen) is that there is a ban on harvesting herring in the delaware river and its tributaries. I normally fish from a kayak and down below trenton so I can't speak on the launch points up north. Normally there is some more talk on this thread about who is catching where and whatnot but I have not seen anything recently. Normally the river is too warm at this point and they are moving south past florence nj at this point I believe. At least the big girls and boys. If anyone on here more experienced than me has anything else to input that would be swell.

Either way, hope you did better than my skunk this year. Tight lines!
Always the eels
Thanks for the reply. I don't know what it is about the Rangers. Must be the tie to my youth growing up in the Bronx and learning the game of hockey.

As I mentioned in the original posting, slow year on the Hudson as well. However, the bass are still active and spawning in Newburgh bay and south. The diehards that put in consecutive days on the river this weekend are getting stripers but, only a few cows taken. BTW - everything taken on blood worms. Over the weekend, a report of a 52 lb cow was taken just south of hte Beacon Newburgh Bridge. So, although totals are down the water is 62 - 63 so the spawn / bite is still on. The die hards are hoping the heat this week does not make the H2O too hot which will seal the deal and we wait for 2016.

Someday in the future, if you see some guy flying a Rangers pennant on his boat, know it is the BAHA Man.
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