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Default Re: 2012 Big "D" spring fishing reports(post here)

I will put up a new 2015 report thread in a few weeks when it gets closer to the opener. Can't wait my last striper trip was the first week of jan. On the beach. Im planning on chasing some rats on the beach in a week or 2 to test run some gear as soon as reels are finished up at penn. Finishing up changing hooks on all my lures this week and going to start prepping the boat next weekend as well. Hasn't been much snow this year or rain for that matter and even tho there will be some thawling from iced over ponds and lakes and small streams I expect the salinity of the river to remain high this year which will push the majority of spawning bass further up river. In previous year with Higher salinity the runs pushed further up river and made for better and longer spring fishing and I'm expecting this spring run to be one of those really good years. 09' 10' and '11 were really good spawning classes so I'm hoping and expecting an increase in the number of fish in the range of 23"-28" fish this year. As far as the spawners go that's a wait and see type of thing and keeping fingers crossed that they have avoided the southern poachers and bunker boats. Well that's all for now hope everyone has been getting all there things in order so everything is ready to go come March 1st.
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