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KB.... It's a little tougher now making metal lures, since the tire places are changing over from Lead / Antimony for wheel weights...Now a lot is metal (steel or tin )...You can't use soft lead as it pulls out....Only used for jig heads...On the west coast we're using it for about 25-30 makea wood frame a little larger than the lure you're going to copy,,put a layer of 1/2"non hardinjng clay so it can be used again for more molds..I use Ix 2 " wood ...Finished is 3/4 x ! 1/2..make sure you have plenty of room for pour hole & at least 3/8" on bottom to stop leakage...the silacone is in a syrup state, somake sure the clay seals in wood press your lure halfway into clay...regular lures such as Miki tibs, Hopkins,kastmasters are easier than curved ones as spoons, but it can be take a 1/4" drill & make holes in 4 corners 1/4" deep...these are keyways to alaign the mold halves...J use a nail section on top of lure to give me a guide for the pour hole...remember only halfway deep on lure & nail...Now I use vaseline as a release agent so nothing sticks use a 1/2 fine brush to coat entire interior of mold & lure... We used to use car bondo for moldings...But I ran across a Silacone thatdoes a better jobthan bondo ,which burns out after a while,,,I'v e got a mold thats poured over 1,000 lures & still is perfect...Just dont keep pouring over 3-4 without cooling....The silacone takes around 400-600 degrees heat...Butwill warp & leak if over poured over & over..,,,I make the mold with screws so i can loosen when hard....At this point check the mold half & if itsok after 24 hrs turn mold upside down & push the rubber half with lure back into original area...put nail in.....& very important thatyou use vaseline again, or you'll have a solid ball of silacone...Very Important !! can see the 4 holes which are pertruding up...coat everything...You should have filled the mold about 1/4" from top in first pour plus the space the clay took was1/2" a total of 3/4 " will make halves of 3/4 ' each with the second if completely set than scrub with a strong soap to remove all vasiline, then dry & smoke with a candle so it'll pour better...Get a exacto blade or razor to widdle a pour hole....I cut 1/4 wood to match mold size & use sheet metal vise grips to hold while pouring lead...A good tip is to pour 3 molds at oince... do this for 3 pour & you have 9 lures to work on while the molds cool down,,,,The silacone is probably available out east...if not check back with me...Mine is at Douglas & Sturgess co 730 Bryant st...San Francisco, call 415-896-6283 Item is # Silastic silacone @2258 wth hardener......mix very well...This container is one pd .....about beer can...tough to divide into four pours ...I ended mixing entire container & pour 4 molds One Pk = about 2 full molds
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