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Default Re: Below Lake Murray Dam on Saluda

Originally Posted by SaludaStriperMike
I understand legislature just voted new regs for July. Does anyone know anything about them?
This is the bill your referring too beginning July 1 2010
H*3913(Rat 20#0241) General Bill, By Vick
It is unlawful to take or possess more than two striped bass on all waters of Lake Russell from Lake Hartwell Dam and Lake Secession Dam, including all tributaries of Lake Russell.
(B) It is unlawful to take and retain from all waters of Lake Russell from Lake Hartwell Dam and Lake Secession Dam, including its tributaries, more than one striped bass greater than thirty-four inches in length."
As it relates to the Santee Cooper system
The Department of Natural Resources for the Lower Santee and Cooper River systems shall make recommendations, after study, on any needed modification to the restrictions in this section before January 1, 2015."

Here is another bill the legislature approved and the governor signed on May 28th 2010
S*1340 (Rat #0232) General Bill, By Cromer
The act defines the boundries for certain rivers, creeks, lakes, bays, sounds, harbors and reservoirs.
It also refers to ammendments that will require recreational permits for shad herring and eels

Seasonal Santee Cooper striped bass closure begins June 1

Seasonal closure of the Santee Cooper System striped bass fishery is set to begin June 1 and will extend through Sept. 30. No striped bass may be harvested or possessed for any reason during the summer months. This closure, along with the open season bag limit of three fish per day and a minimum size of 26 inches, was signed into law May 2008 to address the ailing striped bass fishery.
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