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Default Re: Follow up - Public Comment - Management Plan for American Shad and River Herring.

Well it's about time something is done. I live on a lake in Northern NJ and we have always had a great alewife population. I have also in the past used these as bait, as have many others. A few years ago when traveling out in PA fishing I had asked where they get the bait from (at bait shops) and they would say Lake Hopatcong. I thought that was odd and thought that was alot of fish coming out of the lake.

Well over the years they have also introduced various species to the lake-Musky, hybrid stripers just to name a couple. Well the last few years when I would go to the bait shop to get herring I could not and if I could the picking were very slim. This year all I have seen is very small minnows. Don't get me wrong I love the fish they introduced to the lake as it has made for some awesome fishing. But that and the shipping of bait fish all over the place I feel has greatly affected if not destroyed the population.

I feel everyone has the right to make a buck, but if to make a buck you are overtaxing and reaping a natural resource then you need to find a new way to make a buck.

When I first heard about this management plan I didn't think much of it, I also thought the herring pop. had not affected me much. After much thought I knew I was wrong. This affects all of us as fisherman and a person in general, as this fish is part of a chain. If you break/kill a link in that chain(food chain) the whole system can come crashing down

Just my thoughts and we should all do our part
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