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Default Re: drilling through holes

Originally Posted by rclark12 View Post
5/32 for through drilling or another applications?

and for certain plugs with lips the hole doesnt go straight through the middle does it?

i thought some plugs are a little up or down so that the lip is in rite...or is it the other way around? make it so the lip slot fits to the thru wire ..
one plug lip i ask about is the Danny lip does it have to wire spots so you chose were to put it or does the wire go vertically?

yes for through holes... 1/8 or 5/32 is all I use..

generaly, all lip slots run through the middle of the plug, ther are exceptions, thus, most plugs are drilled off center..., read my tutorial on the danny swmimmer, it shows the marking of the lip slot and drilling of the hole, the drill willl want to stay in a straight line, if you mark the through hole after you cut your lip slot, then drill, all should come out correctly...
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