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Default Man dies after boat capsizes in Bourne

From cape cod times:

BUZZARDS BAY — An 82-year-old man died yesterday after the 20-foot motorboat he
and his son were in capsized near Hog Island, the Coast Guard said.
The man was not wearing a life jacket, according to a Bourne fire official.

The water temperature at the time of the incident was 50 degrees with 4- to 6-foot
seas, the Coast Guard said.

Poor guy was probably out fishing - did a search on this website and I guess there are some nice rips out there for fishing. I feel for his family.

The article sort of leads you to one conclusion (boaters fault) but not all the information is provided. I try not to make any hard conclusions from anything from the media.

This will be my 1st year on the water - I was busy on Saturday taking my safety class. 7000 US boating deaths a year.

From the experts on this site - any reason to be fishing in this kind of condition?
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