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Hey man, about four years back I bought a brand new seadoo 18 foot bow rider jet boat. Fully loaded and shiny and only $300 a month. If figured, why would I buy a used boat when I could have this. I also figure it would be good for my wife and young kids. I like to fish, she likes to wake board. I told the dealer I'd be using it in the Long Island Sound. He didn't say a word. As soon as I got it to the marina everyone said, "hey that's a lake boat." I paid no mind and kept going out fishing. It always happened to be early calm mornings. Finally, I went out in the afternoon with a friend who had a little more experience. I asked him, " why does everyone call this a wake boat?" He said "see that 2 foot wake coming at us, slow down and let your bow drop." Boom, 18 inches of water in the boat right over the bow. If my kids were in it they would have had heart attacks and never came out again. The bilge pump did it's thing but I was done. I sold it, lost $9k and three years late bought am 1990 well craft cc180. deep V, for $1800 and rebuilt yamaha 115 for $3500. I am so happy. I'm telling you this to let you know this happens all the time. It is hard to get good advice,and most people are to proud to tell you the faults of there boats or mistakes they have made. Dealers are even worst.You know what your boat can do, just stick to that and be cautious. It will give you a better respect of the water, and make you a better boater if you do upgrade. I will say this, the two years i spent fishing from land and watching all the boats go by, made me miss that lake boat like hell. Don't beat your self up and enjoy what you have until you are ready move up without taking such a financial beating.
best of luck.
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