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Default Re: Help me put together a float rig

It sounds a lot worse than it is to make them, and I will reiterate that this method would ONLY be effective for fishing the beach, not so much a river, the canal or Biddeford Pool. The surf in OOB, while usually not very high, has a strong undertow and is usually loaded with crabs on any given night. Sometimes a float is the only way to go down there and is the difference between catching fish and feeding crabs. Believe me I've tried thinking of easier ways to rig up these floats, I just haven't quite put my finger on it yet. The only other thing I could suggest is perhaps skip the beads and glue altogether and use something like a dime sized rubber stopper to keep the float from sliding.

To answer your question lost, you wanna rig up a few of these floats and have them vary in length depending on the condition ur fishing in. Standard would be 18" fluoro leader. You only need the float to be 5-6" up from the hook, but yes, theoreticall the further up the float the higher off bottom you'll be. I have great success floating worms just off bottom up here, just out of the reach of the pesky crabs. You dont wanna skip the sinker though as you'd be floating on top.....which I suppose COULD work but it's more of a long shot. Let me know if ya rig one up and try it out, I'd be interested to hear how ya make out. I know a couple/few of the new guys, both down the Cape and up my way, tried them out last year and also had pretty good sucess.

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