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Originally Posted by StriperHyper View Post
I wrote this in another forum, can be a little time consuming but has proven very effective for me on the beaches here in Maine. My suggestion is rig up 5-10 of them, more than enough for th whole season (unless you're fishing around rock pilings or other structure and have frequent break-offs. I've had the same float on all season so far without so much as a nick. Good luck man, hope it helps.

I buy a bag of floats of various sizes, shapes and colors ranging from plain old round to cigar floats and others. Attach your sinker directly to your leader (not rigged on a slide of any sort) using a snap swivel or split ring. I prefer pyramid sinkers as they tend to hold bottom better off the beach where I do the majority of my fishing. I never go lighter than a 5 oz. or heavier than a 7 oz but this will vary on the location your fishing, (moving water such as a river or in/around tidal pools you'll want a lighter weight (3-4 oz. egg sinker) to allow your offering to be swept up in the current). Use a fluoro leader (circle hooks are ideal for this method for floating worms or even clams), then slide a bead down stopping a few inches up from your hook, secured with a loosely tied overhand knot behind it so the bead stays in place. Next, slide the float onto ur line followed by another bead and another knot behind that. I usually tie up a bunch of these in advance ranging in length and use them accordingly depending on how high the surf/strong the undertow etc. Last step to secure the beads to the float, apply a small dab of Gorilla Glue on either end of the float in the hole and press the beads into to secure it tight. The Gorilla Glue makes a decent seal once it dries and keeps everything in place. Use this rig with two sandworms on a circle hook (1st rigged through the head, fed a couple inches and pulled thru leaving the majority to dangle, 2nd one hook thru the back and out thru the head in between the pinchers) and I'm telling ya man, stripers go nuts for 'em. Try it out and let me know how ya make out, I promise ya won't be disappointed.

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Sorry but WAY too much involved. Like Jake said drift the chunks. They will eventually end up on the bottom where the crabs are. If you aren't getting luck after putting bait in the WHOLE water column then move to another spot with no crabs. Drifting or floating doesn't mean your bait is floating on top of the water. That's the last thing you want. You will find out that alot of your hits will come from mid to top of the column. And if that's where they are and you are on the bottom with a 5oz weight you won't get shit. But then again if there aren't crabs eating your bait fish the bottom with a head and hope for a fat girl.
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