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Default Re: Help me put together a float rig

Thanks for all of the replies guys! I'm going to try out some of your suggestions and see how they go. I'm trying to picture exactly how these rigs work but I'm not sure. If the hook is only a few inches away from the float, that doesn't cause any problems? It seems like you would want it a ways away. I was trying to let my bait drift around in the current but it gets far away real quick sometimes.

So basically, I want a sinker followed by a length of leader with a float somewhere towards the hook end. So for instance, if I have a 3ft leader and I have the float 1 ft from the hook, then my bait will be floating about 1ft above the floor? If I skipped the sinker, then my bait will be 1ft under the surface?

I'll give your suggestion a shot StriperHyper. How long of a leader do you normally use with that setup?
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