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Default Re: Link between striped bass, weather suggests stormy times ahead for fish

Also, while striped bass recruitment has been poor the last three years, there's been no boom in menhaden recruitment. The menhaden recruitment index remains below average, although 2008 - 10 were the best three consecutive years for menhaden recruitment measured in Maryland since 1990 - 92.
But managers have become increasingly concerned about the status of the striped bass stock. The total number of fish estimated to be in the coastal population has declined by a quarter in recent years, although it still remains at what fisheries scientists consider safe levels.
The recruitment needed to replenish those stocks has been poor in many places where it's monitored, especially in Maryland, where striped bass reproduction has the strongest connection to future populations. Recruitment has been below average for the last three years, and four of the last five, in the state.
Because of concerns about the population, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, a multi-state agency that regulates catches of fish that migrate along the coast, recently decided to assess the striped bass stock next year, rather than 2012 as previously scheduled.
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