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Default Re: mojo surf or carnage 2 surf?

Well, I realize I'm posting a reply to a year old thread but being that I didn't see any other replies and I just got back from trying out my just purchased Carnage II 9' medium 3/4oz-3oz outfitted with a Penn Slammer III 4500 I'll reply....
It's an awesome setup. it's light weight but felt sturdy. I was able to do about 50 casts very easily. I worked a Tsunami popper, Hopkins and a 1oz. bucktail nicely. I got a good distance on each cast even though a steady wind was coming at me from in front.
The only complaint was that I didn't get any takers.
I'll take the blame. The equipment was great!

Not sure what the OP wound up with but Mojo or Carnage, I'd bet he's pleased either way....
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