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The Stradic's I prefer for the higher end reels, I tend to stay away from the Penn Spincasters (although the Penn 309M LevelWind is my favorite reel ever!). Another GREAT choice for higher end is the qauntum Cabo Spincasters, they are around 200 dollars, but they are extremely nice reels, nice and lightweight. For me though, with the bigger reels (50 size and over) I really love the Okuma Avenger Reels, I beat the crap outta those, and they're only 50 bucks! GREAT reels. If you want a cheap one like an Okuma though, do NOT buy the quantum Optics series reels, they are TRASH. The price difference for an 80 size is 10 bucks (avenger 50, optics 40), and it is not worth the money at all. At the shop I work at, we got an order of around 60 of the Optics in, and half of them have the anti-reverse feature (that prevents the reel from spinning backwords) wasnt working at all. Also, our display units after sitting on the shelf for 2 months, became a little sticky, while the avenger were just fine.
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