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Can anyone tell me how these woodpeckers swam/worked? I found this thread by searching Shopsmith-Sorry Gunny what happened to you sucks. Years ago I have a bunch of tools stolen, no where near what you had but a truck full anyway oh yeah along with a $2000 stereo system to boot.

I'm actually going to look at at a Shopsmith today, it's the old 10er model. The dude wants $150 (FAT CHANCE)for it but does not have all the accessories. It is set up as a lathe right now, but it can become 5 different tools. I do already have a drill press and table saw though and for $150 or a little more I can buy a pretty decent lathe. I know where I can get one even cheaper but have to make a trip out of it. They are great machines and will last a lifetime, oh wait it already has as the original owner died.
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