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Went on river a few years ago w/ guide Greg Cary of Trophy Guide Service. We put in south of Burkesville, actually where the river goes over the road, there's a ferry to get cars from one side to other. You may know where that's at. we fished between there and Tennessee line. Anyway, we had to catch skipjack prior to fishing for striper. Small hair jigs tipped w/ chartruese tail. The rigs had barrel weights w/ swivel to get necessary weight to cast to bank. You are right, it's one skipjack at a time. Once all lines were baited, Greg kept skipjack in a tuna/bonita tube. He said a tube is the only way to keep skipjack alive. They will not keep in a bait tank, even a good one. Don't know, just what the guide told me. As far as gizzards, Greg's partner was taking another party on the river at same time we were going. The other guide was using gizzards and he had them in the tank prior to driving to the river. Sounds like it may be tough to catch the gizzards in the river? I did ask our guide why we weren't using gizzards and he said skipjack was the best bait to use for trophy striper. He thought the other party was also fishing for trout, which he said will take the gizzards. Hope this helps, Good luck on the river! Oh yeah, 1 fish, 25 lbs
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